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Trevor: Yo is this thing working
Ashley: ...I believe so Trevor
Typhoon: Aww yeah let's bring on the questions mates
Daniel: Idiot
Bloom: Now darlings feel free to ask us anything you'd like to know
Armin: With in reason please

((This is a huge HeroXPartner ask/RP Blog based off of both Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team and its sequels, the back stories for each team are in their respective section but feel free to ask them anything! The ask and submit box are always open! This blog is rated teen for slight cursings here and there plus mentions of homosexuality!))

*comes out of hiding* Um, hey you guys! Sorry about all the inactivity! I’ve been preoccupied with school and family issues! So I’ll try and start answering questions(if I get any) but it will still probably be really slow! Hope you guys have a good rest of the time on this blog(and thanks to those who stuck by as followers!)


So apparently my little sister found a way to whipe my entire computer of everything; my pictures, documents, and nuzlockes included. Needless to say I was pissed and have shed a few tears on the documents that I know I can never get back. My mother was able to salvage my computer and put it to its factory settings from when I first got it so I may not update as much while I get everyting back together(on the plus side my webcam has started working again).

((I’m really sorry, if you had questions you’ll have to wait awhile longer because of this V^V))

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Team Hibiscus, could you tell us more about how you met?
greatestexplorers greatestexplorers Said:

image I traveled for a year after my colony kicked me out and got to see a lot of things but I was starting to lose money from the odd job I had been working

image She just came into our shop one day after we sent out a Help Wanted ad, begging to have the job so she could get herself on her feet

image It’s called method acting to play at your heartstrings, I would never beg for something, and anyways Miss Daisy let me work there for about another couple of months

image As you could guess Miss Daisy is my mother, and anyways, over the course of those months Nicole and I talked about different things, mostly myself asking her to tell me her adventures

image After a while I finally asked her to form an exploration team with me, her mom was actually happy for her to finally get out of the house after she cried how her ‘flower bud’ was growing up too fast

image I told you my mother only called me that and to never mention it ever again Nicole, ugh it’s so embarrassing

image Hahaha, oh Arceus my sides hurt, hahaha, I can’t feel my face

 Welcome into the world little ones

  Oh no c’mon Chase please don’t cry look I’m making silly faces see


  Look Toby, Victoria is laughing too

 Hehe(Arceus my face hurts..) atleast they finally hatched

((Suprise everyone, man was that ever a long event anyways the family will be available for questioning now))

Ashley!! I’m back and I brought everyone

*sigh* Good you’re just in time they were just about to hatch

Oh the suspense is killing me, I can not wait to see your little darlings, Darling

Wowzers you guys are going to be parents this is so exciting

Oh look they’re hatching Toby

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Is it just me or are your eggs hatching?
greatestexplorers greatestexplorers Said:

image Ashley it’s time, the eggs are hatching

image Oh my Arceus, I can’t believe it, quick get everybody before they do

image Right okay be right back

Asker Anonymous Asks:
So how's the happy couple?
greatestexplorers greatestexplorers Said:

image Extremely tired actually considering we’re on constant egg watch right now

image It won’t be long until they hatch and we both want to be there when they do

image Not just because they are our eggs but if they hatch without both of us there they might end up mistaking someone else as their parents

image Yeah all this time waiting for them to hatch and them not recognizing us as their parents would be a pretty low blow

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Pssst, Nicole. You really need to tell Rose how you feel. Go for it.
greatestexplorers greatestexplorers Said:


image Hey Nicole, are you okay?

image Hey Rose, Hi Rose, Hello Rose, um…hehe yeah I’m fine

image Ah m’kay well I’ll be going to the Market did you want to come with or did you want to stay here with the recruits?

image YES, I mean no, I mean sure I’ll go with you Rose no problem the recruits can handle themselves afterall

image Okay I’ll fininsh getting some money out of our bank and wait for you outside the base

image Alright I’ll finish up here then

image (You idiots almost got me caught. Now listen here I’m working on telling her it’s just really hard okay and even if I seem brave I always chicken out afterwards. So please let me do this on my own time)

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Seriously though if your kids turn out having you personalities what would everyone else do?
greatestexplorers greatestexplorers Said:

image Hehehe, well that would sure cause a lot of trouble for a few people wouldn’t it?

image Oh hush up we’re not so bad

image …But then again when we’re together we’re just a bunch of goof balls…oh dear that’d be terrible

image Hehe, only for a select few the rest would be just fine besides I’m sure the kids will be adorable little trouble makers

image Hahaha, yeah they’re going to be a handful to say the least

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Headcanon: Ty and Daniel cuddle whenever possible
greatestexplorers greatestexplorers Said:

((Hehe, this is actually already canon except if asked you won’t get it out of Daniel. VvV))